Print your card.


Print Card
Simply click the card or button below to download then click the print button, and present your card to the pharmacist when filling prescriptions. Remember, these cards can be used by the entire family and friends!


Show the card to the pharmacist
along with your prescription(s).


Start saving today!


Use the Prescription Savings Card as often as you and your family need to. The card never expires.

Save up to 70%, with average savings of 22% off the retail price of drugs like Azithromycin, Lisinopril, Levothyroxine Sodium, Hydrochlorothiazide, Atenolol, Simvastatin, and Omeprazole.


Virtually all medications prescribed by your physician are included in this program.

All household members are covered, including pets, if the pet medication is a common drug that is also used by people.


Examples of pet medications include those for seizures, infections, allergic reactions, heart conditions, pain relief, diabetes and thyroid conditions.

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